Analogue Systems ..

the Analogue Systems eurorack modular has been a bit forgotten in between all the modern american weird modulars showing up nowadays. ALEX4 now offers this most classical system again on a proper distribution base thru competent retailers in europe. On the Musikmesse they will release the possibility to order complete systems with full warranty and ready to go only.

To give you an impression on what we are talking about, have a look to this video our american colluege Big City Music made to introduce the system to his american clients.

Ken Macbeth in Berlin

MasterandVoiceAs a big surprise in time just before the upcoming Musikmesse Mr. Ken Macbeth was visiting Berlin last week. He presented the current development stage of his Elements synth as introduced one year ago. The Desktop Synthesizer comes in an smart case with EMS style Vernier pots and a nice touch keyboard, all very well done so that ALEX4 immediately had to increase their existing order. Unfortunately the unit he brought is one out of a very few first (successful) test models, he is still working on things like the cartons and some technical details. “It could take another three months (up to half a year) until the first units will be shipped”, but we all agreed to let him do it right and take his time for the .. masterpiece? Preorders are welcome at competent retail stores now.

Bernd Haller (+)

P1120599Sadly Mr. Bernd Haller – the inventor of the Vermona Synthesizers and founder of HDB audio – passed away after a short period of cancer in the age of just 63. He was an always constructive friendly and very experienced partner, his son Thomas Haller together with his Partners Thomas Buchheim and Lothar Dietrich will go ahead keeping Vermona and Bernd Hallers Ideas alive.