Let the goldfish perform..

.. or „Tribute to the real analogue“..

.. or „Analogue Systems about EMS..“

.. and „the masterpiece..“ could explain you a bit ..

.. about the source of eurorack initiated by Doepfer and Analogue Systems roundabout 20 years ago. Some more videos will follow soon and we hope to also see Mister Bob Williams and Steve Gay for an interview on this years SUPERBOOTH16 visiting Berlin in person, who knows.

A lot of other inventors, users, experienced artists and newbees of electronic musical instruments will get together there for the very first real specialists convention with a workshop program, presentations, introductions and concerts. If you like to join, please get back to http://superbooth.com around the end of January and get your tickets online there. You can register for their newsletter now to be informed in time.

Happy 2016

Dear Partners, Clients and Friends,

I would like to wish you all a good start into the new year, health, lucky times, love and a bit more peace  for the world. I am looking forward to meet you all on our „SUPERBOOTH16“ end of march, where we can hopefully form this a bit more into details. SchneidersLaden is presenting the show with adding discussions, some workshops and some wonderful artists, the program can be released end of this month probably.

On the upcoming NAMM there will be Jan Mueller and Rene Margraff from ALEX4 presenting Doepfer and more from europe – right next to Roger Linn and TomOberheim. If you want to talk about the SUPERBOOTH you can find  Sebastian Baumann around there, for SchneidersLaden my old friends Paul Schulz and Carlo Krug will come over, too.
So please have a good start, enjoy the long weekend and the calm before the storm (?). With warm regards from somehwere north of Berlin,

Andreas Schneider, Jan, 1st 2016

Schneiders Freunde in Berlin 2016

t_00 Ausgangstuer Foyer VeranstaltungssaalAs introduced earlier, we are busy working on a smart meeting, congress, convention for Berlin. March, 31st til April 2nd (2016) it will definitely happen now, so please keep these dates free for us to join.
You will exhibit your products, join the panels and gigs, auditions, discussions and installations in the nicest venue for such we could find. The website and all remaining information will be released in September.

Tom Oberheim still busy ..

Oberheim_Schneider_NAMM15After it became a bit silent around him and his latest product – the long expected Tom Oberheim two voice – HE  got back to us with becoming more concrete talking about a very few first units to be shipped soon (..or on their way already? ).

We are expecting them in patience with highest respect for the complex work this wonderful gentleman could realize. Thank you in advance, Mister O..

.. btw .. the little book, I gave to (not just) Tom Oberheim on the NAMM show this year (see on pic) is now on sale as long as stock lasts in SchneidersLaden. It was my „businesscard“ introducing a stand with all the experienced europeans from old europe being the source of Eurorack. It was written to remember 20 years of Löten (soldering) that the two pioneers of this business Dieter Doepfer and Bob Williams alias Analogue Systems has worked on it now.

Analogue Systems reborn ..

alex4; reseller; vertrieb; Audio Damage; Broken Silicon; Cwejman; Doepfer; Erfindungsbuero Rest und Maier; Flame; Haken Audio; Hornberg Research; Kenton; KOMA Elektronik; Macbeth; Manikin; Meeblip; Rebel Technology; Sherman; SND; Verbos Electronics; Vermona

The wonderful world of Analogue Systems – the uk based origin of eurorack modulars – is available again now with individually composed complete systems in classical 19″racks or walnut casings.

In a modular planner /configurator you can see availabilities (ex berlin) and all recommended retail prices (msrp) for the modules. So here you can design your system online and place an order to your retailer that should be built up and reach you ready to play within a month latest.

All cases except RS8500 are available from stock NOW.
All systems will be served with five years full warranty.