CETA to be stopped ..?

2016-10-19_starkbleiben_wallonien_1200x900_stopceta[..]Wallonien sagt nicht einfach Nein. Vorausgegangen ist ein 18-monatiger umfangreicher Konsultationsprozess des Wallonischen Parlaments mit Wirtschaft, Gewerkschaften, Zivilgesellschaft sowie den europäischen und kanadischen Verhandler/innen. Einen Prozess in dieser Intensität hat es in keinem anderen Land Europas gegeben. Regionalregierungschef Paul Magnette kennt das Abkommen in einer Tiefe wie kaum ein anderer Regierungschef – und lässt sich [..] nicht blenden.

.. further info on .. Campact (clic)..


_mg_1766-copyFEZ (Family Relaxation Center) Auditorium (Astrid Lindgren Bühne) will be used during SUPERBOOTH17 for the „more complex“ Gesprächskonzerte every day starting at noon until 7pm as we did it already. The „swap“ stage for every 20minutes the next one will be in the Cinema next door, see picture below. We plan that both actions will be combined to a streaming program that you can see from home, if you cant make it to berlin yourself for the_mg_1753-copy

SUPERBOOTH17: April, 20st – 22nd.

In addition there are a wooden concert hall for loud stuff, an outdoors seaside stage next to the catering area, and last but not least uncounted stands in the wonderful extra rooms of this building such as the audio studio, several recording rooms, a space shuttle, a planetarium, the huge Foyer and even more upstairs and downstairs. So ..

_mg_1749-copybetter book your booth now or never and plan your trip in time. further info on SUPERBOOTH17 now or soon.

Analogue Systems

I just uploaded the last one of a wonderful interview series with Bob Williams and Steve Gay, the owners of Analogue Systems, UK. They designed one of the first modular systems in the (nowadaws so prominent) eurorack system more than 20 years ago – „we`ve stood the test of time.“ – what it is still available and quite outstanding. There are plenty of sound samples on the web, I also made another video with a patch example on a bigger system, more to follow soon.

Let the goldfish perform..

.. or „Tribute to the real analogue“..

.. or „Analogue Systems about EMS..“

.. and „the masterpiece..“ could explain you a bit ..

.. about the source of eurorack initiated by Doepfer and Analogue Systems roundabout 20 years ago. Some more videos will follow soon and we hope to also see Mister Bob Williams and Steve Gay for an interview on this years SUPERBOOTH16 visiting Berlin in person, who knows.

A lot of other inventors, users, experienced artists and newbees of electronic musical instruments will get together there for the very first real specialists convention with a workshop program, presentations, introductions and concerts. If you like to join, please get back to http://superbooth.com around the end of January and get your tickets online there. You can register for their newsletter now to be informed in time.

Superbooth Events

We now have an idea of the concerts, gigs and workshops that will happen on SUPERBOOTH16. SchneidersBuero alias HerrSchneider himself (myself) will present a series of TALKs in the evening in Saal1. I invited some longtime clients, friends, new and well known musicians to introduce their most famous electronic musical instument to explain it afterwards.

Not even the (earlier head of) acoustic engineers of the building Mr. Dipl.-Ing. G. Steinke is an expception here introducing the Subharchord, that was designed inside the Funkhaus-Buidling in the times of the GDR. He offered to hold the presentation about this in english, so our international guests can latest here understand the importance of this building and some more facts from the german special history.

Saturday 20:30/ 8:30 pm Saal1 Funkhaus Nalepastr. Use the daytime ticket (Saturday) from our ticket shop Superbooth16 (several) and, arrive 2pm earliest, 8pm latest.

Happy 2016

Dear Partners, Clients and Friends,

I would like to wish you all a good start into the new year, health, lucky times, love and a bit more peace  for the world. I am looking forward to meet you all on our „SUPERBOOTH16“ end of march, where we can hopefully form this a bit more into details. SchneidersLaden is presenting the show with adding discussions, some workshops and some wonderful artists, the program can be released end of this month probably.

On the upcoming NAMM there will be Jan Mueller and Rene Margraff from ALEX4 presenting Doepfer and more from europe – right next to Roger Linn and TomOberheim. If you want to talk about the SUPERBOOTH you can find  Sebastian Baumann around there, for SchneidersLaden my old friends Paul Schulz and Carlo Krug will come over, too.
So please have a good start, enjoy the long weekend and the calm before the storm (?). With warm regards from somehwere north of Berlin,

Andreas Schneider, Jan, 1st 2016