Let the goldfish perform..

.. or „Tribute to the real analogue“.. .. or „Analogue Systems about EMS..“ .. and „the masterpiece..“ could explain you a bit .. .. about the source of eurorack initiated by Doepfer and Analogue Systems roundabout 20 years ago. Some more videos will follow soon and we hope to also see Mister Bob Williams and […]

Analogue Systems reborn ..

The wonderful world of Analogue Systems – the uk based origin of eurorack modulars – is available again now with individually composed complete systems in classical 19″racks or walnut casings. In a modular planner /configurator you can see availabilities (ex berlin) and all recommended retail prices (msrp) for the modules. So here you can design […]

Bernd Haller (+)

Sadly Mr. Bernd Haller – the inventor of the Vermona Synthesizers and founder of HDB audio – passed away after a short period of cancer in the age of just 63. He was an always constructive friendly and very experienced partner, his son Thomas Haller together with his Partners Thomas Buchheim and Lothar Dietrich will […]