Cwejman, Eurorack and Quality

Mit Wowa Cwejman hatten wir zuletzt höchst anregende Gespräche über die bei einigen Marken verfallenden Qualitätsansprüche zugunsten von vermeintlich preiswerter Herstellung insbesondere von Stromversorgungseinheiten für die unendliche Welt im Eurorack. Inkompatibilitäten die sich in Störgeräuschen oder schlecht sitzenden Kabeln äussern können hat es bei gemischten Modularsystemen noch bis vor wenigen Jahren nur in benennbaren Ausnahmefällen […]

Lets move the beats..

Tonight (May,31st) your chance to learn about the possibilities to sync your beatmachines, sequencers, LFOs, VCOs, Arpeggiators or whatever you are making your grooves and rhiddims on with your boring computers of any kind .. introduction by me in person, explained in detail with the example of an SND ACME-4 by our most experienced earlier […]

Wowa Cwejman in the house ..

For a short trip last week Wowa Cwejman came all the way down from Sweden to introduce his latest new module the Multibandcompressor MBC-3 inside SchneidersLaden. We invited him to do it with guests and could make this little movie of the performance to let you share the knowledge about his way of designing things […]

Tobi Neumann Pro Workshop @ SL

inside Schneidersladen well known techno artist Tobi Neumann and Fadi was introducing their ways of using the unlimited possibilities of eurorack modulars. Tobi and his studio assistant are explaining, commenting and playing plenty of Cwejmans and other modern modular tools in a musically way tuned to the 12tone scale mostly and used in combination with […]

Make Noise Workshop @SchneidersLaden

Another great Workshop inside SchneidersLaden has been released: Walker Farrell from Make Noise came over to introduce and explain a bit of their history giving some insights on some of their modules. He introduced the participants to the Shared System, 0-Coast and some new modules like the Morphagene. Inspired mostly by what is called the […]