.. a virtual chicken little funk operator ..

A real virtual chicken little funk operator – MADE IN USA now (god bless the Amerikafürst) – is indeed available just from the very very best of synthesizershops all over the world..

.. presented here by lovely Marketing Manager Anabelle Spencer for Super Sonic Sound System. To create your own mainframe just visit ussss online and .. conduct your own custom symphony! ..3 year warranty! .. go supersonic!

NAMM 2017 ..

..  started today and there are plenty of modular manufacturers getting together again. Elektron released an update on their drummachine in a new casing, Pittsburgh shows his passion for slotmachines and Harvestman is offering a huge synth together with Malekko? This is just the little impression that I got from yesterdays look down thru the links on twitter. The biggest news today will be the funny new president (sorry, not funny) but still there will be other news n stuff to be shown over here in pictures and links… btw we learned to make pictures available in big again, so please feel free to just clic on the small ones..
lets make truth big again?

IMG_0468Running around on NAMM there are Carlo Krug, Sebastian Baumann and Henning Schonvogel for SchneidersLaden with the job to buy. For the Alex4 distribution company there are Rene Margraff and Jan Mueller with the job to sell, there are plenty of manufacturers themselves around them with the passion to play and finally there is Patrick Detampel with the passion to explain.
So if you have questions regarding the upcoming SUPERBOOTH17 end of april probably Patrick could help you best.

Please have a good time all together, be a peaceful and constructive community to get together again very soon here in berlin, europe for a warm welcome of our spring. I am very much looking forward to welcome YOU on board making the wonderful ride on the river again. And there is plenty of other reasons to participate again.
With warmest regards, HerrSchneider, Berlin


2016 was a wonderful year, we had a very good time with each other, a good mood in the company and many nice private moments. The world is going crazy and many people are anxious of the future but first of all I would like to say thank you for the past and even more for the present. We are at the lucky end of the world and we should share a bit more carefully the goods we have keeping a respectful relation with those who are not that lucky now and in the future.

I am very much looking forward to another great meeting on 2017s SUPERBOOTH to also talk about such with you and yours. I hope to meet you all up again soon wishing you a wonderful christmas time and a good start into 2017.
with warmest regards from all of us,

SchneidersLaden, Alex4 distribution, SUPERBOOTH17

What we do.

In Mannheim ( where is Mannheim? ) .. the one and only german Pop Akademie was offering workshops and a panel to talk about pop becoming mainstream in past and presence…or not. Introducing all the current forms of making music as we do they had a wonderful event with plenty of visitors. Patrick was there performing a big system together with Daniel Miller and others, see a little report about it on their local news – jump to Minute 10:30, please.

SUPERBOOTH17 daily plan:

SUperbooth17 will happen April, 20th til 22nd in FEZ-Berlin:

10 am – 6 pm registered workshops (Concert Hall 2):
a mixed space for DIY-workshops and other exhibitors group works in a big room with tables in groups. Get back to us now for further ideas.
10 am – 2 pm Trade Fair Exhibitors & Registered Trade Visitors (Mezzanine, 1st Floor)
12 am – 2 pm Trade Fair Public Entry (Ground Floor, Outdoor Areas)
Stations to learn about what we do, exhibiton, first sea side stage concerts, catering, welcome,
2 pm – 7 pm Trade Fair Open (all areas for all ticket holders)
12 pm – 11pm Concerts, Presentations, Evening Program

A daily Boat shuttle would pick you up from  Jannowitzbrücke at 8 am (Exhibitors), 9 am (Registered Trade Visitors), 11 am, 2pm & 5pm to let you have a good time with your trip to FEZ-Berlin. Daily return travel from the Yoga Hotel Essentis is available from 12:30 pm, 3:30 pm and 6:30 pm, the nightly return shuttles are at 9:30 pm and 12:00 am. (Reservations recommended).