Gudrun Gut talking with HerrSchneider

Monika Werkstatt is one of the labels that Gudrun Gut founded, who has lived a busy life in western berlins cultural scene already since that wall was still standing around it. On Superbooth17 Gudrun played together with five other female artists two performances on spontaneous lended instruments from several exhibitors. We introduce two slices of this to let you have an impression of the gigs, we also talk about female pressure, about her latest new instrument, this and that and we decided to talk in german, our common mother language here.

Das Feld mit Carlo und Konstantin

During Superbooth17 all our friends and helpers did what they could best, taking care for merchandise, food, technical help of any kind, generating videos, setting up all the booth furnitures and more or just making music. Our old friend Carlo Krug is daytime worker inside SchneidersLaden helping most of you with knowledge about all the eurorack modulars available or on backorder sitting in the front room mostly, Konstantin Gervis is the one explaining tiptop audio modulars on trade shows over europe playing gigs as Z_VK together with Jessica Kert for years.

See them here playing with their band Feld in a classical drums, bass, git trio combined with sounds started by Carlo the same time: Enjoy their full gig in the K1 (concert hall) during Superbooth here:


Flake erzählt Euch was ..

Flake Lorenz, the younger brother of my earlier bandmate Auge became quite famous with his rockband Rammstein somehow. On Superbooth17 he told us where he came from, how this happened and what he is like with a wonderful slide show – in german language, but you will understand his intention by the pictures a lot, still –  see it here now:


SOOPERTALK 2017 online now..

After the so called Altherrenabend last week, we prouldy present the so called SooperTalk from Friday night as a video with Holly Herndon, Alec Empire, Alissa DeRubeis and Gebrüder Teichmann alias Andi and Hannes on stage here. Please feel free to find all our videos released from SuperBooth17 as a vimeo channel here and keep looking for even more ones to come once a week on thursdays.