Modern Talking?

Ken Macbeth was visiting us to review the very first gig with his outstanding band FucketYbUcKetY on SUPERBOOTH17. In the audience there was also Marco Haas alias shitkatapult alias T.Raumschmiere who stated out sponaneously that he will only play again on Superbooth if-then together with this guy. So I asked them both to visit me in my office to talk and we (..they) did. We had a good laugh and compared a lot of thoughts, looking forward to SUPERBOOTH18 already.

Definitely the keyboardsynths #1

Tom Oberheims Two Voice Pro is definitely the Keyboardsynth number one that I would be willing to sell my (comparible) boring Minimoog for, when I would find the time for such. I was just upset finding this rather negative review on it online, but after reading it, I have to state out that just the sequencer is not making the editor happy, but that what is less intuitive for him is the more intuitive for me I guess. I love it as Tom Oberheim himself does! And with sequencers the everybodys darling does not exist!

The second choice – and for price reasons even better – and as a potential „master(-synth)-keyboard“ in a setup with Midi AND plenty of Modulars – Hmm: thats me! – the Vermona ’14 is it. I was surprised about all the tricks and little features that I was not aware of and remembered with each of them a situation (once I was a keyboarder in bands myself nearly 30 years ago) missing exactly this. And I was surprised seeing that a few of these units are still available for sale now, two years later. The unit is described in another very good review of the same author, as always he could find something minor or wrong to have a bad point too, but with this one it seems at it was quite hard for him. All reviews here are very well written at least in german and a very good report at least for real keyboarders (The so called Tastenfickers, btw. read this book, please.).

And then there is another review of the Dark Energy 1 and 2 on their site, telling you pros and cons over pages and pages to then state out that you should just let your ears find out what fits to you. Correct.
To be honest, I personally just read the last few sentences here, but if I would have to make one of the mentioned above synths my main worktool for instance to take it to a session with old friends, these pages of informations are much easier to read than the often quite boring manuals. So lets keep all the magazines and websites alive and give them a bit more respect here and there, thank you.

kick me on a walnut cabinet

Dan Snazzelle was on tour throghout europe introducing five new modules in Barcelona, Berlin, Netherlands and Czech Republic stopping over at SchneidersBuero to talk about the presentations on Superbooth. Before seeing his wonderful and charismatic Gesprächskonzert from 2016 at the end of this video, we interrupted our conversation with a little teaser for the one by Clifton Cameron in 2017 introducing the Analogue Systems Cabinet currently laying on the desk we are standing at. Unfortunately this one has not been filmed from the beginning, so the concert part is missing but we will make it a theme in one of our next videos anyway.

Junior Boys Matt & Verbos Mark live

Mark Verbos and Matt Didemus played a performance on SUPERBOOTH17 that is published today. Both living in Berlin now could visit me in my office for a chat yesterday where we recorded this interview. At the end of it you will see the performance Mark and Matt played live, before this we show you the brilliant Gesprächskonzert by Mark Verbos introducing his modular products to our great audience on Superbooth. Please forgive us some cuts that we had to make towards dropouts and technical issues while recording, I think were getting better week by week.

Verbos-WEBPlease be aware of Mark playing live this weekend in Barcelona on the Modular Day BCN. Also for September, 9th and 10th american friends of synths could visit the Knobcon #6 happening in Chicago with Tom Oberheim stepping in. October 14th/15th, we will meet up in New York for the Machines in Music again, please find even more of such dates worldwide, reports and other recommendations on Stromkult.

Klangforschung on SUPERBOOTH17: Stroeme live – complete – now!

On their two huge Doepfer A-100 systems the german duo Stroeme performed an amazing gig on SUPERBOOTH17 finally released now and here.

Introducing a series of other gigs from SUPERBOOTH17 we like to let you know that the amazing gig by fUckEtyBucKeTy alias Ken Macbeth and friends will be released here on August, 31st. we will let you see a session with Dan Snazzelle alias Snazzy FX from SchneidersBuero On September, 14th here, Ken Macbeth will be our guest with some current news on September 21st and finally on September 28th we will show another full concert of Steve H performing his Buchla System introduced here.

So far our program for the upcoming next weeks and for now have a good sound system and enjoy the party performance gig of Stroeme @ SUPERBOOTH17.

Videos @ SUPERBOOTH17..

During SUPERBOOTH17 we recorded a lot of great concerts and Performances. From now on once a week we release one of them on the web shown here and on Stromkult at least.

Next one will be Mario Hammer, who made the very first so called Gesprächskonzert for AKAI, that was the official release of AKAIs new sampler and same time the release of his new record „Je l’ai caliseé la“ as „Mario Hammer and the lonely robot„. .. to be seen here thursday night.

KORG Performance @ SUPERBOOTH17

One of the uncounted real synth concerts and a smart performance on SUPERBOOTH17 was the product presentation alias Gespraechskonzert for KORG in the Cinema (open this link to find their complete 2016-performance, too).
Jörg Sunderkötter – known as Sound&Recording’s earlier chief editor, on keyboards – and his studio partner Joker Nies – also an expert for circuit bending – had some problems to find on stage but then it became like this .. turn it loud and see yourselves, please.