Next step O. alias Mutable ..

Upcoming thursday night performance will be held by O. alias Mutable Instruments: This workshop will not be released as a video afterwards so make sure you have one of the few places to follow the event life with sending an email in time to
The first few workshops we had in our new Videotheke was very nice, see the introduction of the latest verbos multi delay processor here:

Electronic Thursday at Kottbusser Tor

AFA-workshop-1024x640A weekly Starter Workshop for Synths and modulars at 6pm in our beloved showroom and another advanced performance following up on our new SL Casino stage around 7:30 will start this week with Animal Factory Amps from Mumbai, India. Join for a beer or just any kind of a drink – even if you know already everything – you are always welcome for a Feierabend chat, doorbell will be heard until 8pm.

SUPERBOOTH18 was great ..

Dear Friends, Partners, Artists, Exhibitors: SuperBooth18 went very well for all of you at least. We have spent a lot of energy (and money) to make this happen and some of the video documentations including all „Gesprächskonzerte“ could have been released already, please have a look and find these on our Vimeo-Channel.
Now step by step we will edit the remaining gigs and events as well to be released same way asap, no footage will be given out earlier. Hoping for your understanding I take myself out now for a few days to relax. Thank you all,
HerrSchneider and family

Introducing SUPERSOUNDS..

SchneidersLaden, Superbooth Berlin and IRRUPT have joined forces for a special offer – by inviting artists from Andreas Schneider’s team, including HerrSchneider himself, to bring their personal modular rigs and beloved hardware to the IRRUPT Studio in Berlin. Together, they recorded their favorite patches and spontaneous inspirations to create a collection of royalty free loops and one shot samples to celebrate SUPERBOOTH18. With these recordings IRRUPT presents a snapshot of the ever evolving scene of Berlin’s electronic music. This sound collection represents Berlin’s own musical language and sound palette and comes directly from two important forces driving the modular renaissance – SchneidersLaden and Superbooth.Supersounds
This first collaborative library is available for free from the IRRUPT website. It is formatted to be compatible with Eurorack and Hardware Samplers as well as Software instruments. And to make this even better: The sounds can be heard, processed and played with at SUPERBOOTH18 in Berlin from 3rd to 5th of May 2018. They will be included in the Modular Carousel at the Playground in the Foyer of FEZ Berlin.….

Multi-Delay-1000x640A very  new multi delay processor offering quite funky effects is the latest creation by Mark Verbos to be introduced towards the upcoming SuperBooth18.
On April 19th (tomorroww) its pre-release for clients and friends of the house at 7pm inside SchneidersLaden will be the introduction of our new SL Casino the same time, offering weekly shows like such in the early evening from now on.
If you would like to join, please register with Timm as the „official“ announcement on Stromkult says and be our guest.

Knobs are amazing..

The knobs are amazing is a statement that is not just true for Erica, but there are indeed plenty of differences and these ones probably are, .. amazing. Please see another Gesrpächskonzert here by Kodek for Girts who is the boss of manufacturer Erica Synths from Latvia. They will all be back for SuperBooth18 on Booth E245 this year, their concert presentation will be held on Saturday 3:40pm in the Auditorium.

The most oustanding performance .. a so called Gesprächskonzert during SUPERBOOTH17 has been seen by Alissa DeRubeis and Yasi Perera in their experimental live performance, perhaps it was not so experimental but exactly planned? Who knows, Alissa will be available on Superbooth18 with a daily starter workshop for females and non binary people starting at 1:30; meet here in the Eve Audio Kabinett then.