Herman the Sherman ..

„Der Klassiker, nur kleiner – Die Filterbank 2 von Sherman ist ein Musikinstrument in deutlicher Abgrenzung zur einfachen Klangformung eines „gewöhnlichen“ Filters.“
Herman Gillis und  seine Frau Mieke Frere bauen in einem kleinen Nest in Belgien nach über 20 Jahren noch immer ihre Filterbänke in verschiedenen Versionen in der Garage persönlich zusammen und haben damit einen unvergleichlich langlebigen Erfolg. Der Klassiker war oft und ist noch immer ein prägnantes und agressives Klangformungswerkzeug bei diversen kreativen Produktionen. In diesem Jahr haben sie auf der SUPERBOOTH17 persönlich ihre neueste Version davon die „FB2 compact“ vorgestellt, zu diesem Anlass spielte Herman eine Produktvorführung zusammen mit  Dago Sondervan, die dem Anspruch eines guten Gesprächskonzertes mehr als gerecht wird.

Merry Christmas to you ..

.. and thank you for the music, all the best to you and your families with a concert by Jean-Marcel and Uwe aka Japacc – partners of Manfred and Gloria aka MFB – who presented their new products in a very danceable fashion at SUPERBOOTH17 here.
The Gesprächskonzert showed the new Dominion Club, Nanozwerg Pro, Digital Delay and their well known drum machines. The whole performance is done entirely with MFB products and shows their wide palette they offer these days.

André Gonçalves alias ADDAC

The Gesprächskonzert for ADDAC was used by the owner André Gonçalves to introduce himself as a person coming from the arts, not being an engineer but willing to make things to open up the perspective on something. Please see him here introducing his earlier work finally ending up with our „pro“ video team not being able to show his modulars on the screen, so please come back for 2018 and visit them here

Tobi Neumann Pro Workshop @ SL

inside Schneidersladen well known techno artist Tobi Neumann and Fadi was introducing their ways of using the unlimited possibilities of eurorack modulars. Tobi and his studio assistant are explaining, commenting and playing plenty of Cwejmans and other modern modular tools in a musically way tuned to the 12tone scale mostly and used in combination with their well equipped studio in the middle of Berlin.

the Tender Buttons from San Francisco

Having an impression of some (?) San Francisco style sounds, here is a video of Gino Robair – also chief editor for electronic musician and the american keyboard – together with Tom Djll, one of his bandmates with the Tender Buttons. We chat about the Superbooth17 gigs and performances having a short look into Flake Lorenzs Lecture and finally we agreed their next gig for Superbooth18 with a potential stage diving performance inside one of our wonderful concert halls at the FEZ.

Talking bout next generation..

Gammon-Nov-Workshops-1156x640Gammon – who did the modular workshops for kids on SUPERBOOTH17 – is currently celebrating one event after the other with his „modular synthesizer ensemble“ like the „Tage zeitgemäßer Musik“ where it is absolutely NOT about techno or groovy music btw. .. read more about our engagement for new potentials on Stomkult here. ..


Sounds on a JoMoX..

Juergen Michaelis, the inventor and the head of all at JoMoX was visiting me in my office to talk. We watched the concert of Panic Girl and Jericho, talked about history and present, saw him playing the Akasha synth and finally explaning the Alpha Base. Could be that I still change the drummachine myself sooner or later, will see.

Make Noise Workshop @SchneidersLaden

Another great Workshop inside SchneidersLaden has been released: Walker Farrell from Make Noise came over to introduce and explain a bit of their history giving some insights on some of their modules. He introduced the participants to the Shared System, 0-Coast and some new modules like the Morphagene. Inspired mostly by what is called the westcoast philosophy of synthesis Make Noise developed the iconic Maths module some years ago. Maths can be considered as one of the most important modules of the recent years.

Darrin Wiener @ Spiegelsalon

After having made a Gesprächskonzert without a concert part for Random Source on SUPERBOOTH17 the american but berlin based artist Darrin Wiener is here to play some music. Introducing the pros of Banana jacks and explaining the special Ideas by Serge we spent a good time here with a game on the modulars that could be repeated on SUPERBOOTH18, ..will see.