On Resident Advisor ..

An Interview with me has been released here on resident advisor now. I would like to add, that Analogue Solutions has once been copying modulars in a rather low quality compared to those few others e.g. from Analogue systems but .. they became much better in between. And also SchneidersBuero was a freaky place when we started collecting all the little manufacuturers from their private little corners to make them visible for the world. Thank you.


Starting with Gammons modular-workshops with kids as happened every day on this years Superbooth i will release all the videos step by step thru our vimeo channel now commented by guests. See here our first try having met Gammon again in my office (SchneidersBuero) for another interview commenting the cut-down a bit in a Q&A-situation.

Surgeon live at SchneidersLaden..

In 2016 techno artist Surgeon explained his current liveset to a limited number of participaters in SchneidersLaden what has been documented as a movie to be released finally now. Such workshops for advanced users and interested guests is happening once a month in Berlin at the experts place above Kottbusser Tor. Please follow www.stromkult.de for further informations and exact dates.


SchneidersBuero 2017

Some of the wonderful videos we could make from the amazing SUPERBOOTH17 events, concerts and presentations will be released soon commented from my office called SchneidersBuero now to let you understand what you see and what happened there. At the time we are busy working on this looking forward to release a weekly video-show starting in September.

Ignoring search engine recommendations to not force you with boring ads we are working with Vimeo just putting it there, you will find links here and on Stromkult then to go further from there.

SUPERBOOTH18 will happen May 3rd til 5th, same venue, ticketsales starts October 1st.

Was ist ein Synthesizer?

Es beginnt ja erst interessant zu werden, wenn Ungewöhnliches passiert. Je weiter die Entfesselung, die Auflösung in Funktionen getrieben wird, um so interessanter und vielseitiger ist ein Synthesizer, um so berechtigter trägt er diesen Namen.
So erschließt der Synthesizer einen neuen, ungeheuer vielseitigen Raum der Phantasie-Entfaltung für den Musiker, den Komponisten, für die Ausbildung, das Labor, das Studio. Für den forschenden und suchenden Menschen im reizvollen Kräftespiel zwischen der eigenen Vorstellungskraft und der unergründlichen Vielseitigkeit des Systems oder für jenen, der sich einfach durch willkürliches Probieren überraschen lässt.
Wir befinden uns immer noch im Anfang des Kunststoff-Zeitalters der Weltgeschichte der Töne und Klänge, in dem, wie in jeder Entwicklung, am Anfang der Missbrauch steht, die Imitation von bereits Dagewesenem, bis mit dem neuen Stoff auch die neue Form entsteht.
Der echte Synthesizer ist aber kein Musikinstrument in diesem Sinne, er ist vielmehr ein System zur Entfesselung und des Sezierens, der operativen Auftrennung aller nur denkbaren Nervenpunkte am komplizierten Organismus eines Tones oder Schallereignisses und ihrer Wiederzusammenfügung in beliebiger Gesetzlosigkeit. Je willkürlicher, je komplizierter, je unberechenbarer dieses System arbeitet oder bearbeitet werden kann, desto reizvoller und interessanter ist es. Zumindest für den, der das sucht, was bisher noch kein Musikinstrument zu bieten vermochte, den Vorstoß in einen unbegrenzten Raum von Möglichkeiten, in dem man fasziniert und resigniert zugleich die Hilflosigkeit unserer Vorstellungskraft erkennen muss.

Heinz Funk, „Funkschau“, Ausgabe 23, 1973
2017 gefunden auf der Seite vom Synthesizerstudio Bonn – quasi „mein Vorgänger“, Danke für das Zitat.

The nerdiest Synth meet ..

_mg_1753-copy.. called Superbooth will happen this week in Berlin. It was well described by Peter Kirn, related to Musikmesse or NAMM with plenty of info, but unfortunately Wolfgang Seidel will not participate to give us some historical insights, I am sorry.
In between three talks, about 20 daily workshops and more than 100 concerts & presentations combined with more than 160 exhibitors from all over the world you will most probably find something else.

Be more than welcome, get your tickets here or just come to the FEZ-Berlin:
Strasse am FEZ 2 in 12459 Berlin, Thursday April, 20st til Saturday 22nd daily 10am til 11pm

Free Entry for SUPERBOOTH!

Dear Exhibitors, Participants, Partners and Friends,

SchneidersBuero 2009We could motivate plenty of brands and companies to partipate in SUPERBOOTH17 now and we would like to invite you all for our dearest event to join at the FEZ next week. we did not increase any prices but we made the event much bigger and better as we think, we spent all the money the exhibitors paid to let you take a Boat, to take the ride on the park train, to let your childen play on installations, to let you enjoy the place and meet up in the foyer for free to get started. We hired plenty of technicians and other helpers to realize this unbelievable program of prominent events and concerts and we are very happy with doing that, but .. please, ..
IF you really want to join please .. just buy the tickets yourself and give up asking us for free permission becaus of this and that. Thank you.

Andreas Schneider and the SUPERBOOTH-orga-team



Schneider Pommes  to clear some questions about the superbooth action in FEZ one of our staff members made a new site called FAQ where you can find answers on how to get in and out or how to bring your childen in and if you could stay hungry there, .. i found this picture with me trying to catch some butterflys, in a pommes frites trailer.

The german site differs from the english one, so better read both to have the real answers!