Schneider TM Altherrenabend

On SUPERBOOTH17 SchneiderTM was playing a live gig on our seasidestage that unfortunately has not been recorded. Looking forward to another gig with potentially DIE ANGEL on SUPERBOOTH18 we met up in my office for a beer while having a look what was good or bad this year, watch this conversation including a short cut out of Monika Werksatt session #1 and the latest video release by DIE ANGEL here ..  btw. we will release the Monika Werkstatt sessions #1 and # 2 later on once Barbara Morgenstern or Gudrun Gut will be our guest hopefully, woking on that ..

Gesprächskonzert by Ondomo

Here you find a good example of a so called Gesprächskonzert as we recorded them on SUPERBOOTH17 with Ondomo from Japan introducing their Ondes Martenot remake. In between some more product presentations and concerts can be found on our vimeo channel only, once a week we add another one towards the upcoming SUPERBOOTH18 in May, 3rd til 5th looking forward to welcome you on board then. Booking for stands and presentation slots should be made now to ..

Richard Devine & Surachai: Workshop@SchneidersLaden, Part 1

As two very special Guests, Richard Devine and Surachai made a workshop inside Schneidersladen together discussing some insights and explanations on their musical way to generate sounds and more .. Starting with the american view on things like the early eurorack its ending up in making some sounds in a little live set and discussing questions .. this will happen in part 2, to be released very soon on this channel.

Eventide at Superbooth17

Eventide-GesprächskonzertOne of the three big global players for reverberations, the company Eventide introduced a eurorack modular solution for reverberation and good delay effects on SUPERBOOTH17 with a so called Gesprächskonzert. The introducing moderation gives you an insight of the C-Base, what was already this year another stage for artists like Robert Lowe and Dieter Doepfer, again with SUPERBOOTH18 it will be our official aftershow venue. The modular furniture seen here will be available in Munich now for the DigitalAnalog, please search the web for further updates and come back next week.

Go to to see ..

Japanese patriotism?

Two years ago some friends from company Roland showed up introducing the REON Driftbox to us, we liked it a lot but Roland held the european distribution as it seemed and wanted us to make some promotion on it. We made this video for fun, sold a few units thru SchneidersLaden and then gave up again. Now another company from Japan called Korg popped up on the synthfest in England showing the REON products in a video this style on sonic state, what could be not the right way for them again?
Dear Mister Reon, perhaps you start talking with Europeans about your sales in Europe at least?

Stromkult Blog going further..

MikrotonalitätMusicians tend to not always comply with the norm and that’s a good thing, where else should innovation come from? Who else but the artists in our society should move borders? Nevertheless,.. finally Timm Stobbe entered the team of SchneidersLaden with Superbooth and SchneidersBuero around as the press and media contact person, what he already was for SUPERBOOTH17.  Timm is already reporting about modulars, events and people into the public via Stromkult and our Twitter accounts to let you know about upcoming things. He is free to publish our opinions on things not just on technical issues, read further about it on Stromkult and let us know your complains and good ideas soon.

Lost on Earth: Gebrüder Teichmann

The Teichmann brothers made a product presentation on Superbooth16 for a real ousider product called midilooper getting it on the radar for distributors and midi-users this way. They offered two children workshops for live electronics on Superbooth17, they have been part of a panel talking not just about the gender situation in the synthmakers scene with Alec Empire, Holly Herndon and Alissa deRubeis and finally they played a concert on the Seaside stage, the only one that was recorded in 2017, see this at the end of this video after let us talk a bit about all this inside SchneidersBuero.