More than 30 full concerts online now ..

Looking back to our wonderful SUPERBOOTH19 we have uploaded more than 30 of the uncounted wonderful events as full concert movies already. So please feel free to have a look back again to three outstanding days of spring in Berlin.  We are already looking forward to the next issue in April 2020, looking forward meeting you again. Thank you!

SUPERBOOTH19 was our best one !! Thank you.

Looking back one week after the first day of 2019 SUPERBOOTH, I would like to say thank you to all of you having realized this unbelievable get together. Especially for me it was a wonderful rather relaxed version of having had more than 8000 guests in town based on the wonderful work of all our employees and other members of the unbelievable team including my partners Thomas Brandes, Andre Kaufmann and Alex Voy making all this work.
We had guests and exhibitors from all over the world; I met people from Indonesia, India, Australia, South America, a specialized Retailer from Hong Kong and Meng Qi from Bejing with an unexpected vision towards our range of product introducing his Wing Pinger.

Also the cultural Program on four stages with probably far more than just 120 concerts (?), performances, workshops and presentations in and around the building, on the shuttle boats and on board of the C-Base at night was kind of perfect, mostly organzied and selected by Nourdin, Mareen and the uncounted supercompetent and creative tech teams around for sounds and lights and videos everywhere.
.. Btw. please find all 30(!) full length Gesprächskonzerte already online and please .. feel free to spread them, explain the vision to others and give us your comments.
The uncounted remaining “real” concerts, events and other video documentations will follow asap now.. but please start here with listening to Peter Pichler having explained the Berlin made Trautonium in our totally packed Auditorium on Saturday evening:

Even after the real Summer was missing I was impressed about not even one bad word about the rain we had, just one concert had to be moved indoors (as far as I know?) and none of us accidently fell into water this year (apart from Ken Macbeth). I was also very surprised about all the experienced Producers (Guys who made TheThe, Zappa, Yello and far more ?..) having been with us, mostly quite impressed about the combined creative desk by Michael Zaehl. .. Jean-Michel Jarre, Alessandro Cortini, I was told about Richie Hawtin, but as all others: they most probably had a good time.

For SUPERBOOTH20 the date is fixed, it will be a bit earlier (April, 23rd-25th), but we will try our best to have the weather even better and all the rest the same again ..PLEASE.. very much looking forward having you on board again?

Super Boat will be going ..

There will be the SooperBoat going again forwards backwards but a little smaller. There is space for our exhibitors and tradevisitors in the morning on three smaller boats, some with coffee, some others with “real” drinks for the night return trips but the places are limited this time. So if you really need to be sure to have a seat or at least a place on one of the trips, please book a “priority boarding ticket” from our ticket shop.

Outbound – from Historischer Hafen (Fischerinsel) to FEZ will be going 8:20 in the morning for those who will arrive shortly before ten, at 11:20 for those who will arrive for the “normal opening times shortly after noon and another one at 4:20pm for those who just come to see the evening concerts.

Inbound – back from FEZ to Historischer Hafen (Fischerinsel) will be going 7:20pm for Exhibitors again (tradeshow things close at seven), another one at 9:50pm with a liveset or DJ on board and another one at half past midnight for the remaining partypeople with a well known “DJ” on board.
Coming from the last two boats you are warmly invited to have another “last drink” in our aftershow venue the C-Base next to Jannowitzbrücke. On Thursday and on Saturday also the OHM Club will be open for SuperBooth ticket holders with plenty of further live sets and concerts. See you soon?

Auch ich endlich auf Facebook !!

Auch wenn ich immer hoffe, das Facebook endlich ist, nein: Jetzt gibt es also auch einen Telekom Electronic Beats Livestream, wo auf Facebook auch alle nur englisch reden, obwohl wir doch so gemütlich in Neukölln sitzen, wo auf der Strasse doch alle Türkisch reden? Ich habe mir auf jeden Fall große Mühe gegeben, die Situation angemessen darzustellen, ich hoffe, das hat geklappt?

The Telekom Electronic Beats Show – Andreas Schneider

Today we invited Andreas Schneider to talk about Superbooth, Schneidersladen and everything modular synth

Gepostet von Telekom Electronic Beats am Donnerstag, 25. April 2019

Polygogo coming!

Towards the upcoming SUPERBOOTH many more news will be seen in the very near future in Berlin. As the very first release we are looking forward to present Max Rest alias E-RM on our little stage inside SchneidersLaden to introduce the outstanding Polygogo (see pic) with a little performance and some interesting visual possibilities and eplanations.

This E-RM Performance will be the very last one of our Thursdays workshop series before Superbooth and the Summer holiday season. So be with us on April 11th one more time as usual: 6pm workshop for newbees, then some drinks and talks and around 8pm the performance. See you soon.

Das Gras wachsen hören?

Schon seit langem versuchen wir für SchneidersLaden einen Workshop zu den besonderen Modulen von Instruo an den Start zu bekommen, jetzt ist es soweit.
Ob es Donnerstag um pflanzengenerierte Klänge geht oder etwas völlig anderes, weiß ich zwar noch nicht, aber ich freue mich auf frische Ideen und die musikalische Performance von Jason Lim! .. Donnerstag den 4. April 2019:

18 Uhr Workshop für Unwissende
19 Uhr Kaltgetränke, Kommunikation
20 Uhr Performance, Fortbildung

Wenn man langsam älter wird..

.. sollte man ja nicht die immer gleichen Stories zu oft erzählen, ne?
Hier also unsere Story zum Thema rechtzeitig BEVOR Juergen Michaelis .. hier übrigens sehr schön portraitiert ..

.. alias JoMoX am kommenden Donnerstag in SchneidersLaden zu Gast sein wird, im folgenden Video verpackt als Moderation zum Konzert von Panic Girl & Jericho auf SuperBooth17.

Seine Performances mit dem Akashasynth oder dem Resonator Neuronium als JayEmSonic heben Juergen Michaelis deutlich ab vom gewöhnlichen Ingenieur. Juergen war eigentlich Gitarrist und hat sich immer seinen eigenen Kosmos aus Musik und Instrumenten geschaffen und erhalten, die bekannten Rhythmusmaschinen und Module sind nur ein Teilaspekt. Donnerstag ist wie immer alles erlaubt, es geht um Musik auf Instrumenten und ihre Geschichte aber natürlich auch immer um die Menschen die dahinter stehen.
Also 28.3. mit JoMoX – Juergen Michaelis als Headliner:
18 Uhr Worshop für Unwissende
19 Uhr kaltgetränkte Gespräche
20 Uhr Performances am Gerät


Einfach, preiswert und haltbar ..

Mal wieder am sortieren was wir so alles im Laden haben und was nicht, natürlich wie immer auch auf der Suche nach dem persönlichen Genuss, selbst mit vorhandenen Mitteln Musik zu machen, überraschte mich dieses Video in Kombination mit den hier vagabundierenden A-100 Modulen, die sicher alle auch schon bis zu zwanzig Jahre Arbeit hinter sich haben, nach wie vor gut funktionieren und klingen.