Es wird!

When we took over the rooms of an earlier music and musical instruments shop in Berlin, perhaps the oldest one in town(?), we did not know how to get this renovated in time, but slowly now, the point of no return has been reached: Our stock room and the pickup desk for Berliners and friends will move from Ritterstraße, Kreuzberg to Karl-Marx-Strasse in Neukölln soon.

Rainer – well known as Reggae-Rainer internally – realized our network, phone, power voltage and alarm cables all over the place, togehter with plenty of other wonderful team members. Thanks to Tom K. also for such a nice picture from the beginning.


Nun denn, .. Leaving my last and only social media channel at the Elektrocarfabrikant called Twitter now, i had a look to all the files I wrote there and lost plenty of hours of my life again with reading and copy and paste. I swapped a few of them over here (into my personal weblog, now) .. this will be my only personal channel from now on.

I will be reducing myself on real things now, getting the new storefront of SchneidersLaden to Berlin Neukölln until its opening in January and .. getting the winter done with all our staff and friends and family somehow as always and finally .. starting the SuperBooth23 to get back to a good mood again soon:

I just heard and read something from Berthold Brecht who said: Wir müssen Menschen beeinflussen und Veränderungen herbeiführen! This does NOT work on social media, as Uwe Schmidt alias Atom TM stated out on this years SuperBooth already: The Revolution will not be online (but his gig is (clic))!

So lets meet again in Person to talk clearly about the future that always exists on SuperBooth23.

A Firestar synchronized !

Very soon our beloved synthesizer showroom at Berlins Kottbusser Tor above the Rewe drugstore will have a new quite weird attraction:
.. an electric guitar (?)!

The Firestar Synchronizer by Frank Deimel is not just another guitar for Jimi Hendrix and other soloists, but it includes his so called Leslee system.

Via minijack connections you can synchronize the internal tremolo system with external devices such as your modular systems of any kind and/or drummachines.
We will check it out as soon as we’ll have it.

It all started on drums..

My very old friend Christophe Piper alias Wine & Synths made a video comparing drummachines by JoMoX, Modor and Behringer. It starts with a little backflash into our common history having been on NAMM shows around 2000 already, making parties and performances around the love parade berlin, travelling Europe for techno music and meeting good friends here and there.
Christophe alias Monsieur Piper in between became a professional academic wine guy with an own shop (?), then he had to sit down for longer by accident and returned to make some electronic music like in the early days again. Now he started sharing his experiences, some sounds and fun on his youtube channel constantly growing with videos like this:

Die FB14 von SND als Vorbild

Wer aufmerksam unsere „Steckblätter“ liest könnte bemerkt haben, dass wir Lieferanten die verstorben sind gern einen kleinen Nachruf gönnen, so wiederfuhr es auch dem verblichenen Sebastian Niessen, Schöpfer u.A. der Filterbank FB14 und der FB14S. Noch vor seinem Tod gab es eine große Aufregung um die Wiederauflage dieser „genialen Filterbank“ die er zwar vorbereitet hatte, aber nur noch in kleinen Stückzahlen realisieren konnte.
Ein großer Fan und Verehrer des Produktes aus Berlin hat nun die der FB14 sehr ähnliche „inductive Filter Bank“ realisiert, die in minimalen Details zum „Original“ noch verbessert wurde, aber vor allem die entstandene Lücke füllt. Um das Produkt zu verstehen, empfehle ich das hören über gute Monitore oder Kopfhörer .. hörenswert und ab Lager Berlin jetzt verfügbar: