..about making MUSIC..

SUPERBOOTH21 is not just a nerd meeting, not just a tradeshow, it is the first real get together of users and makers of good electronic musical instruments after two and a half years now. Electronic musical Instruments?
Gitarplayers are different to keyboardplayers are different to synthesizernerds are different to DJs, but we are all musicians so we can play with each other in a constructive way, we can talk even if we do not speak the same language and we are collueges and friends per se. Please be welcome in this community, stay interested and help us make this outstanding „Festival“ survive and become a part of it.

LUK guitar with an onboard sampler (up left)We also welcome some makers of electric guitars this time to learn from each other, meet them upstairs in K1 behind the Flipper and help them with your visions to go even further. there will be plenty of good music over four days everywhere. Tickets are on sale here (limited towards this „safety first edition“)