Ich / Wir ..

SchneidersBuero 2009HerrSchneider was a manager of unimportant bands and musicians,
trying to motivate them to get their big things done – all together – before ..

..later on – meeting all the inventors of electronic musical instruments – he just forced them to show their products ..

.. on tradeshows, to magazines, on festivals, in shops .. all together .. .. such as a good band does.



On one of the first collective exhibitions on Musikmesse we could introduce some (unknown) brands like (Big Briar became..) Moog Music, Elektron, Vermona, Doepfer and others all together promoting their stuff as the so called SUPERBOOTH.

The associated club-event in Frankfurt /M was supported by artists such as monolake or toktok and by the C-Base, The party was quite good and well frequented also by the “veterans” of the scenery such as Bob Moog or Dieter Doepfer.



As SchneidersBuero now, we still promote such things our way, but we are aware us beeing a part of the chain producing pollution with electronic devices, so ..
We ask our partners to increase the quality of goods, to fulfil recycling laws at least and to guarantee service and repairs for (their) lifetime..
.. this has just started.


Lets talk about the value of what we do, how we do and for whom we do it, perhaps we just go home afterwards, perhaps we have some good ideas? Why not working for an artist from other disciplines or together with a NGO or making a project supported from a bigger brand if it could make the little network a bit better for all of us?