Be SOOPER is growing:


Towards the cirumstance that ukrainian refugees should be welcome taking over the Hall in our wonderful venue FEZ-Berlin, we created a new masterplan for this years SuperBooth and SOOPERgrail making it an even bigger and better festival, congress and tradeshow with even more space and activities outdoors and in the building.
Around twenty performances, concerts, prentations and workshops per day including some latenight action in the tiny bungalow village, there will be two more outdoor stages including the circus tent and a new seaside stage and the wonderful auditorium now.

Admission with your digital or printed tickets will be possible at the bungalow village already for guests arriving from  S-Bahn station Wuhlheide per public transport. The Foyer of FEZ-Berlin will also host a general infodesk and ticket admission for all visitors and artists, exhibitors and press partners.

Most stands and activities for guitar nerds, players and makers will be concentrated indoors at FEZ-Berlin upstairs as a lot of the uncounted synth and modular makers, even more stands and installations can be found and experienced in our tent village as realized very successful in 2021 already.
Drinks and our well known and beloved catering partners will be found at all places outdoors, the daily cultural program starts with the workshop presentation around 1:30pm and will last with full volume until 10pm outdoors.

We are very much looking forward to let you join this next level of a personal and professional meetup with our grown community to talk, listen, play and learn about electronic music and new instruments for a little more peace on earth. Please stay ready to respect existing safety rules and get your tickets now, they are limited.