.. learning more @ SchneidersLaden ..

The end is near? Our very last workshop for 2019 inside the showroom has been held on thursday by UDO introducing the SUPER-6, a video documentation will be released very soon. Having had two software companies in the house this time (Ableton & Bitwig) was a premiere for SchneidersLaden but it showed the usual way […]

Workshops and Gigs again soon (!):

On August 22nd with Gammon from Vienna presenting the “Workshop für Unwissende” and his own use of modulars in addition. See you soon on the Galery?

More than 30 full concerts online now ..

Looking back to our wonderful SUPERBOOTH19 we have uploaded more than 30 of the uncounted wonderful events as full concert movies already. So please feel free to have a look back again to three outstanding days of spring in Berlin.  We are already looking forward to the next issue in April 2020, looking forward meeting […]

Ferien und Dann .. all dates:

Berlin hat Schulferien im Herbst, die Sonne scheint noch immer auch in Spanien aber schon bald sind wir alle wieder da und treffen uns Donnerstags abends in SchneidersLaden wie neulich zum Instore-Event oder zum Feierabendgetränk oder zum Workshop für Unwissende ab 18 Uhr? 8.11. mit Lady Starlight, 15.11. Instruo hat abgesagt: Tom K. präsentiert Vermona, […]

Ich sach mal chaos..

XAOC ist eine Modul-Marke aus Polen die wir an diesem Donnerstag etwas näher beleuchten können. Die Herren oder Damen und Herren kommen selbst zu einem Workshop und einer Performance in unseren geliebten Laden und zeigen gleich nach dem Anfängerworkshop was sie so drauf haben. Wir hoffen auf gute Unterhaltung und freuen uns wie immer auf […]

full length live concerts SUPERBOOTH18

Even more of the wonderful live concerts of SUPERBOOTH18 will be released these days. Currently you can find NSI alias Max Loderbauer and Tobias Freund on the top of the list, but very soon there will be Kreisferkehr Flaake released .. who the fuck is, but .. be surprised by all the gigs and join […]

Dewalta & Shannon @ SchneidersLaden

as every thursday also tonight we will have our free starterworkshop for modular beginners at 6 pm again but afterwards there will be a little liveset with explanations afterwards in our beloved showroom with the view down to the Kottbusser Tor. So if you can make it, ring the bell, get a beer or a […]