Looking back 2 SuperBooth (3/x)

See George Hearn alias U.D.O. here (read details from his shirt, please), playing another wonderful performance on his new synth, the „SUPER GEMINI“ that reminds me to my old beloved Yamaha YC-30 Organ with that ribbon controller – GREAT ! At the very end he plays an arpeggio that reminds me to the possibilities I […]

Looking back 2 SuperBooth (2/x)

After our dear moderator Jörg was complaining about the things we have to do even better next year with the Gesprächskonzerte, I have watched a few of the wonderful videos we made and already released of them. The first one was DIETER & DIETER by company U-HE with Urs (Heckmann) and Seb performing their modular […]

Haken Continuum Szene ..

Anwender und Liebhaber vom Haken Continuum und dessen besonderem Zubehör sind natürlich auch wieder auf der SUPERBOOTH im Mai in Berlin präsent (Tickets hier !!). Um dann aber noch einmal deutlich intensiver den kreativen Austausch zwischen Entwicklern und Anwendern aller Art auf diesem sehr besonderen Instrument zu befeuern, gibt es auch dieses Jahr im Anschluss […]

Modular Synthesizer Ensemble

Dieses Jahr hatten wir wieder einmal Gammon mit seinem Modular Synthesizer Ensemble zu Gast auf der SuperBooth Berlin. An den Werktagen kamen morgens jeweils Schulklassen, am Samstag eine gemischte Gruppe, um zu lernen, was es mit modularen Systemen so auf sich haben kann. Hier eine Doku der diesjährigen Performance.  

Be SOOPER is growing:

Towards the cirumstance that ukrainian refugees should be welcome taking over the Hall in our wonderful venue FEZ-Berlin, we created a new masterplan for this years SuperBooth and SOOPERgrail making it an even bigger and better festival, congress and tradeshow with even more space and activities outdoors and in the building. Around twenty performances, concerts, […]

Monolake @ SOOPERradio

Talking about the history of Tradeshows for Musical Instruments something has changed twenty years ago: Together with M.E.S.I from Paris, SchneidersBuero from Berlin managed one booth on Musikmesse Frankfurt that included ten synthesizer-manufacturers like Big Briar alias Moogmusic, Elektron, Doepfer, Vermona and others with a party-like athmosphere on an outstanding booth in April 2002. We […]

DigitalAnalog 2021 in Munich

I couldn’t make it myself this time, but Adam reported that there was pictures of all earlier active participators included to the outstanding DigitalAnalog in Munichs Gasteig for the very last time after 20 years of making it. .. a big thank you to Stefan and Claudia Holmeier here !! Tom and Sasha set up […]