More than 30 full concerts online now ..

Looking back to our wonderful SUPERBOOTH19 we have uploaded more than 30 of the uncounted wonderful events as full concert movies already. So please feel free to have a look back again to three outstanding days of spring in Berlin.  We are already looking forward to the next issue in April 2020, looking forward meeting […]

Polygogo coming!

Towards the upcoming SUPERBOOTH many more news will be seen in the very near future in Berlin. As the very first release we are looking forward to present Max Rest alias E-RM on our little stage inside SchneidersLaden to introduce the outstanding Polygogo (see pic) with a little performance and some interesting visual possibilities and […]

Ich sach mal chaos..

XAOC ist eine Modul-Marke aus Polen die wir an diesem Donnerstag etwas näher beleuchten können. Die Herren oder Damen und Herren kommen selbst zu einem Workshop und einer Performance in unseren geliebten Laden und zeigen gleich nach dem Anfängerworkshop was sie so drauf haben. Wir hoffen auf gute Unterhaltung und freuen uns wie immer auf […]

Lets move the beats..

Tonight (May,31st) your chance to learn about the possibilities to sync your beatmachines, sequencers, LFOs, VCOs, Arpeggiators or whatever you are making your grooves and rhiddims on with your boring computers of any kind .. introduction by me in person, explained in detail with the example of an SND ACME-4 by our most experienced earlier […]

The most oustanding performance .. a so called Gesprächskonzert during SUPERBOOTH17 has been seen by Alissa DeRubeis and Yasi Perera in their experimental live performance, perhaps it was not so experimental but exactly planned? Who knows, Alissa will be available on Superbooth18 with a daily starter workshop for females and non binary people starting at 1:30; meet here in […]