DigitalAnalog 2021 in Munich

I couldn’t make it myself this time, but Adam reported that there was pictures of all earlier active participators included to the outstanding DigitalAnalog in Munichs Gasteig for the very last time after 20 years of making it. .. a big thank you to Stefan and Claudia Holmeier here !! Tom and Sasha set up […]

.. i am, you are, we are ..

.. i am, you are, we are  .. responsible to get  together! It is time to talk and the SUPERBOOTH21 is ready to welcome YOU on board: Please plan your trips now for one, two, three, four days with either one, two, three, four workshops and/or one, two, three four concerts, ..get your one, two […]

Statusmeldung SchneidersLaden

Mein geliebtes Fachgeschäft wird nun natürlich nach dieser langen Abstinenz auch wieder für unsere geliebte Kundschaft öffnen, allerdings hatten wir da noch einiges zu tun: Die Gewohnheit, daß wir quasi über ein Jahr „unter uns“ waren, hat den Schauraum zum beliebten Spielzimmer für Mitarbeiter und Familie gemacht, in dem wir Euch nun gerne auch wieder […]

Looking back to the second wave..

During the Lockdown end of 2020 we made a lovely little STECKBLATT (#21.1) for clients and friends to compensate the currently impossible personal chat and time we always spent with visitors inside our beloved showroom. Finally today the second issue called STECKBLATT 21.2 arrived to be added exclusively with each and every delivery from SchneidersLaden […]