the german „Das Musikinstrument“..

In the german magazine „Das Musikinstrument“ for the branch of musical instrument traders and promoters the following dates are right now all current dates called „Aktuelle Termine“:
So it looks like if we will have to move our beloved SUPERBOOTH into August, we could unfortunately not be the pioneers of going back to real life first anymore, what would be kind of sad.
But .. Music Austria and musicpark both are not really competitors, not even a little of, what we are doing over here 🙂 !

05. – 08.05.2021       SUPERBOOTH21
27. – 30.05.2021       Music Austria
12. – 14.06.2021       musicpark
15. – 17.07.2021       Summer NAMM
20. – 23.01.2022       The NAMM Show