Definitely the keyboardsynths #1

Tom Oberheims Two Voice Pro is definitely the Keyboardsynth number one that I would be willing to sell my (comparible) boring Minimoog for, when I would find the time for such. I was just upset finding this rather negative review on it online, but after reading it, I have to state out that just the sequencer is not making the editor happy, but that what is less intuitive for him is the more intuitive for me I guess. I love it as Tom Oberheim himself does! And with sequencers the everybodys darling does not exist!

The second choice – and for price reasons even better – and as a potential „master(-synth)-keyboard“ in a setup with Midi AND plenty of Modulars – Hmm: thats me! – the Vermona ’14 is it. I was surprised about all the tricks and little features that I was not aware of and remembered with each of them a situation (once I was a keyboarder in bands myself nearly 30 years ago) missing exactly this. And I was surprised seeing that a few of these units are still available for sale now, two years later. The unit is described in another very good review of the same author, as always he could find something minor or wrong to have a bad point too, but with this one it seems at it was quite hard for him. All reviews here are very well written at least in german and a very good report at least for real keyboarders (The so called Tastenfickers, btw. read this book, please.).

And then there is another review of the Dark Energy 1 and 2 on their site, telling you pros and cons over pages and pages to then state out that you should just let your ears find out what fits to you. Correct.
To be honest, I personally just read the last few sentences here, but if I would have to make one of the mentioned above synths my main worktool for instance to take it to a session with old friends, these pages of informations are much easier to read than the often quite boring manuals. So lets keep all the magazines and websites alive and give them a bit more respect here and there, thank you.