For your safety as for ours..

.. we have to change a few things back to „normal“ as already experienced during the (first) corona Lockdown in spring time  this year:

Within this week we will unfortunately have to close the little pickup counter in our stockroom at Ritterstraße again. From now on we kindly ask you to order online or over the phone again and – at least if you are from Berlin or around – we will send it over to you for free.

For rather complex support inquiries ..

.. personal visits and auditions in our showroom at the Kottbusser Tor will stay possible (for now), but on appointment only with one of our dear team members. Please accept that we will have to force you to follow some hygiene rules before playing around on all our knobs and buttons. Buying things or pickups from Kotti will not be possible, just repairs and returns can be handled directly here.

In addition we will expand the phone support time to be available for you easier as soon as all internal changes could have been realised successfully.
We also work on a digital support channel to share and let you see, what we are showing you inside our beloved showroom.. soon.

So far?
Stay healthy and safe, please, dont be frustrated and have a good time whereever you are.