full length live concerts SUPERBOOTH18

Even more of the wonderful live concerts of SUPERBOOTH18 will be released these days. Currently you can find NSI alias Max Loderbauer and Tobias Freund on the top of the list, but very soon there will be Kreisferkehr Flaake released .. who the fuck is, but .. be surprised by all the gigs and join SUPERBOOTH19 to find out more about our friends and partners on more than 30 good concerts each day AGAIN! Ticket sale for next year will start very soon for early birds, booking for exhibitors is nearly completed and we are looking very much forward to see you all again in the wonderful FEZ-Berlin.

Ach ja, ich ..wollte hier ja wieder in deutscher Sprache schreiben, vergessen, aber guckt Euch einfach die Konzerte an, ohne Worte ist sowieso immer noch am schönsten!