It alien is italien w ma trix in, but ..

For Instance: the DC-1 by Soundmachines (IT) is not a drumcomputer, but a quite competent complex trigger sequencer based on a Matrix, what could be a bit unhandy or really good if you are used to play on your modulars in a drunk or stoned mood sometimes or not?

Unfortunately you (most of you) were not quite interested in buying this unit so far, what is totally fine, but now we made it as cheap as possible to make you think about this again! We made this with plenty of our products but .. to let you have some fun cruising thru the uncounted solutions and possibilities we did not mark these as „selling out now“ or „cheaper than ever“ but only lifted it to our sales list sometimes for a very short period of even cheaper than the cheapest price, .. so we will find out how low you can go? 

After we only have a very few of these and some other units left be aware that we will not order you another one once these two or three units will be sold, so .. perhaps the price for them will go up on Ebay again sooner than you can imagine?

Who knows, we will keep an eye on it and wish you all the best. With or without it.
Have a good day.