Let the goldfish perform..

.. or „Tribute to the real analogue“..

.. or „Analogue Systems about EMS..“

.. and „the masterpiece..“ could explain you a bit ..

.. about the source of eurorack initiated by Doepfer and Analogue Systems roundabout 20 years ago. Some more videos will follow soon and we hope to also see Mister Bob Williams and Steve Gay for an interview on this years SUPERBOOTH16 visiting Berlin in person, who knows.

A lot of other inventors, users, experienced artists and newbees of electronic musical instruments will get together there for the very first real specialists convention with a workshop program, presentations, introductions and concerts. If you like to join, please get back to http://superbooth.com around the end of January and get your tickets online there. You can register for their newsletter now to be informed in time.