Looking back 2 SuperBooth (1/x)

Dear Friends and Partners,

SuperBooth23 was amazing! I thought to say Operation23 (spelled german like O-P-Rahtz-Joan..) is finally done .. but this is kind of a picture nobody would understand, sorry.
One day we had a label called Operation23, releasing Hiphop tracks from the german province (Bremen), such as FAB, Saprize or Cribb 199, where I was the management and a band called Billich, where I was playing the bass. This was my personal favourite from my personal past !! so .. if you ever can get your fingers on the LP called „Breitseite“, listen to Billich, please and imagine that this track is including all the aggression about not having become famous after having had so many rehearsal sessions by me. Finally, I can’t complain but somehow, it went another way. Still i like more playing the bass instead of setting up tents on the SuperBooth, so i will have to change some things soon.