Looking forward – aftershow Musikmesse

Once you did a good gig, you are usually looking forward to the next one, but Musikmesse is  a bit different: For years already I always tell my friends and partners that „this one will definitely be the last one I did“. It was the same this year – the biggest stand I ever made, but .. in 2016 the Musikmesse themselves will make a redesign tearing down the hall we were in anyway, and finally .. a good guy showed up there to let me know, that we start to talk now, talking constructive about a thing that I have in my mind already for a while: so time has come: lets take it to Berlin!

Musikmesse was a great success for all of us, again and again it was a lot of work for just a few days, but .. there is more than just bad sausages for lots of money, hotels with reps to become drunk before falling asleep, huge installations to promote products that nobody needs and all that litter. I am sure we can find even better ways to meet up with our friends, potential clients and partners to talk about music, sounds, machines and other cultures. I am looking forward to that.