Musik-Service final SALE

Another shop for musical instruments in Berlin is giving up: Our dear neighbor Musik-Service at Sonnenallee 84 in Berlin-Neukölln has to close down shortly. The owner Michael Helm has started his SALE now, please see a few pics over here and feel recommended to go for some good deals now:

Musik-Service was an important retailer for all the quick things, musician needs for their gigs in this cultural quite busy area of  Berlin: Tools for drummers, guitar strings, percussion instruments still can be found as well as real guitars of any kind, a few complete drum sets, bass guitars, amps and more.

During the last few years more and more used tools, accessories, desks and even a hammond organ ended up here having been returned by someone, searching new owners very quickly now!

As there is not many shops like this left now (..and even the owner of Just Music does not believe in a future for local musical instrument shops anymore) please be reminded that your local  stores for hobbies and professions are an important key to keep it all alive!