Looking back 2 SuperBooth (4/x)

See George Hearn alias U.D.O. here (read details from his shirt, please), playing another wonderful performance on his new synth, the „SUPER GEMINI“ that reminds me to my old beloved Yamaha YC-30 Organ with that ribbon controller – GREAT ! At the very end he plays an arpeggio that reminds me to the possibilities I have on the Jupiter-4 by Roland, so I guess there is a lot for me included?
George Hearn is one of the few engineers who understood that we are not just meeting up to sell products but that we indeed „..love playing these things“ !! Probably this is the reason why already his first product was a real „burner“ directly, he is an artist himself, so listen, please, and check out his products, if you can:

Looking back 2 SuperBooth (3/x)

Erica Synths was introducing a new idea for an electronic musical instrument live with a prototype of their SteamPipe and his daughter on her wind instrument, great !! Unfortunately on the presentation there was a weird noise, finally it could be clearly located in the prototype, but still .. it was a good presentation, also showing our way and passion for just making music, thank you, Girts!

Looking back 2 SuperBooth (2/x)

After our dear moderator Jörg was complaining about the things we have to do even better next year with the Gesprächskonzerte, I have watched a few of the wonderful videos we made and already released of them. The first one was DIETER & DIETER by company U-HE with Urs (Heckmann) and Seb performing their modular systems with a wonderful concert around their new modules first, strongly recommended to listen and watch:

Looking back 2 SuperBooth (1/x)

Dear Friends and Partners,

SuperBooth23 was amazing! I thought to say Operation23 (spelled german like O-P-Rahtz-Joan..) is finally done .. but this is kind of a picture nobody would understand, sorry.
One day we had a label called Operation23, releasing Hiphop tracks from the german province (Bremen), such as FAB, Saprize or Cribb 199, where I was the management and a band called Billich, where I was playing the bass. This was my personal favourite from my personal past !! so .. if you ever can get your fingers on the LP called „Breitseite“, listen to Billich, please and imagine that this track is including all the aggression about not having become famous after having had so many rehearsal sessions by me. Finally, I can’t complain but somehow, it went another way. Still i like more playing the bass instead of setting up tents on the SuperBooth, so i will have to change some things soon.

Mid&Ric on SchneidersBuero

SchneidersBuero was promoting electronic musical instruments for JoMoX, Sherman, Technosaurus and others on exhibitions, festivals and tradeshows such as Musikmesse Frankfurt.
In 2002 this action was called SUPERBOOTH for the very first time.
Mid&Ric was one of the invited artists to play a performance for Sherman on the show and a party. After not having been in touch for 20 years he popped up in 2022 at SuperBooth Berlin and performed the rebuilt promotional little mobile in our circustent.

For 2023 he plans to exhibit his real products at exactly this place.