The Magic Fingerring ..

.. is available in our showroom to play around with at any time from now on.
Es ist das Genki Instruments Wave & Wavefront modul.

not just good drinks are 12 years old!

Good ideas always need some time to be realized. When I saw the upcoming patchmatrix by Future Sound Systems I was reminded that more than 12 years ago I started the same thing to be realized as a stand alone solution under the name “Steckbox“. Those days it ended up with technical problems that occurred when we was going further and – perhaps – the time for such did not yet come? Seems like now it is!

.. learning more @ SchneidersLaden ..

The end is near? Our very last workshop for 2019 inside the showroom has been held on thursday by UDO introducing the SUPER-6, a video documentation will be released very soon.
Having had two software companies in the house this time (Ableton & Bitwig) was a premiere for SchneidersLaden but it showed the usual way of people producing music at home with ours and their products in different combinations very well. Apart from that also for those who work as hardware purists we offered plenty of interesting new things and horizonts in 2019 .. all of them can be found online on mostly full length videos.
Here is one where the inventors said “this is no techno, this is cheesy“, look and listen yourselves to a performance with a product of the neaer future, the Demon Core:

Life should be so simple:

If you still have good old Doepfer gear, please be aware that it is not that bad as some expensive import hipster things in supersmall with tiny or freaky new features and demo-buttons and plenty of stored functions. Please look at the existing things from good old german engineers as your homegrown, locally (ground-)transported and always repairable basic tools and then listen to this kind of a demo introducing their lastest tool made to always fit into the very smallest cases of any kind..; one of the rather unhandy dark energy`s could nearly sound the same, I guess (?).

.. the biggest thing we do?

Probably the biggest thing we do and the reason why musicians and artists keep one or two days while traveling for at least one relaxed afternoon inside SchneidersLaden, Berlin is the possibility to compare products in person!
Understanding that this is a kind of pollution (if you can not make it to Berlin for other reasons) we started to offer videos that are clearly helping you to understand some things a little better. Some first ones are online yet, more to come in a neutral way, no ads, (nearly) no personal interest.. here we go for a few different ringmodulators:

The very first eurorack modulars ..

.. that was coming to us from the US has been designed by Mike Brown alias Livewire some long time ago. His biggest thing ever was the oscillator called AFG with two boards behind each other, I think nobody ever built something like this later on. Mike Brown sadly passed away by cancer, a few more AFG units with his designs are made now by a good friend who worked together with him earlier.

kleiner Brüller als Tip ..

Polivoks Hören und Fühlen!

Nach ausführlichem Test durch ein deutschsprachiges Fachmagazin ist der @Polivoks seit heute wieder im Schauraum @SchneidersLaden antestbereit! Auch sonst gibt es ein paar schöne Neuerungen passend zur Vorweihnachtszeit. Noch bis Nikolaus (6.12.) ist jeden Donnerstag auch ein “Pro-Workshop” am Abend für Umme – wir freuen uns auf Euren Besuch und alle Teilnehmer an unseren Workshops für Unwissende JEDEN Donnerstag um 18 Uhr.