20 years of löten / dont buy crap! (2015)

011_A100_Waldeslust copyTo introduce the origin of the eurorack format (Europe !) to our american friends on NAMM 2015 we made a little book about the just 20 years of history of all the old europeans from old europe with their ideas and a bit of the history; it was called „20 years of loeten“ (loeten is soldering).

20_years_book_2Mainly the not synchronized start of the two system from cornwall (analogue systems) and Munich (doepfer) has been described with examples of early modules. A few of the other inventors with their products and the current situation became a topic ..

most people said they like it a lot, but they would not tell us something else, even if? no?



These books are sold out. To get a (new) Steckblatt, order something at SchneidersLaden, it should be inlcuded. 20_years_book_1