Videos on the web.. (total veraltet!)

Future Retro Zillion

With movies and videos on the web you can explain products and possibilities, report from events or promote whatever you like or make. The quality and the style becomes more important than ever: simple selfmade movies (like this one) became rather rare, expensive productions took place instead, quite often paid for what they promote..
.. or not.


On the tradeshows we meet professional teams running up and down with expensive cameras, wireless mics and mobile lightning hired to promote for shops whatever they want to sell, some of them are media companies making gear porn and tech talk only.. quite often very boring reports, where you could better just read a manual.


20 cable patch - Vimeo
20 cable patch

SchneidersBuero always wanted to know about the faces behind the products, the motivation,  so we try our best to report about the characters of the inventors we work with. It is not that easy anymore to get it done on an acceptable quality level .. we care for rare but o.k. films on Vimeo .. see yourselves.

see some examples here: