safety first, we’ll be outdoors !

„safety first edition“ is the theme of the upcoming SUPERBOOTH21 that will take place in the well known wonderful FEZ Berlin again from 5th til 8th of May 2021 hopefully with plenty of our beloved friends and partners in person again.

For all those who cant come we are working on concepts and ideas how to connect or interact with, but in general we will make it happen in real at least for a good number of visitors over four days.

To let you understand a bit about the concept – that is already in the process of its permission – and our idea with even more activities outdoors and in the park we made this video:

During the next few weeks we will start to book our friends to the new plan to let you already have an impression about the show before we will be able to offer the tickets online hopefully beginning december. For all further updates and informations we already released a new version of our website that will be filled now step by step.


Apart from that our  SuperBooth Berlin GmbH is very proud to invite for a second event showing high class musical instruments our way:

Together with our new friends of the European Guitar Builders e.V. we will be realizing the SOOPERgrail on April, 30st and May, 2nd in our beloved FEZ Berlin. For a limited number of exhibitors we will try our best to let you understand that a real guitar has been made from wood and strings and a lot of love and passion, so in general again and again .. it is all about passion.

All further updates and informations on the SOOPERgrail will be found on the website soon, thank you for a little patience.

There is a press release about all this for downloads and competent forwardings available from our site; please spread the news and stay healthy, thank you.