SchneidersLaden offline/online .. (engl.)

Dear friends, partners, clients, guests and visitors,

Respecting the current danger for some of us we cancel this years SUPERBOOTH2020 officially by today. We could already talk to the venue to let you know the next date we agreed for May 6th til 8th, 2021 in the wonderful FEZ Berlin again.

Therefore we would like to take this as an opportunity to expressly thank the exhibiting partners and companies for trusting us and for demonstrating solidarity, for offering their financial support now to let us „survive“ the upcoming phase down to the start of the next season in Autumn. Without this we could have run into real problems with releasing this cancellation, thank you again.

Also we would like to say thank you to all the Artists, active Partners, Suppliers and the whole staff team for their support already until now. We are very sorry, we had to go this way now. Asap we will get in touch with you to clear up the final settings and start planning 2021 soon.

At the same time I can’t deny thinking about making some workshops online in the days where SuperBooth2020 could have happened once the situation will allow that, .. definitely without any audience, but .. right now we will start rehearsing this in our beloved showroom of SchneidersLaden (!). Our very next workshop this Thursday will – as usual – be on the web the next day, perhaps we will get it done faster without the audience, we start rehearsing now .. Ah yes … and this is because ..

Starting on Wednesday .. also SchneidersLaden will be closed for visitors, cause who needs modulars? We will go ahead online, will help you on the phone and will deliver as long as stock lasts and as long as the Paketfritzen will ship it to you, who knows whats next?

so far .. chin up, close the doors, music on and go ahead ..
with warmest regards, yours sincerely,