Steve H on Music Easel by Buchla btw

On Superbooth17 there was three concerts with Buchla Synthesizers and here we will show you the one by Steve H from Los Angeles who is an experienced musician and trainer for software (!) musical instruments btw. Introducing this Patrick Detampel is giving us a short insight to the prototypes of a System 100 clone series to be coming in very shortly by Catalyst Audio.
Don Buchla was „the other“ old boy of Synthesizers creating „systems in progress“ that was not made to be used with keyboards or to play melodies on. Don Buchla created a lot of innovative things in the seventies that quite often got lost in between. He passed away just a few years ago. Steve H is doing it very good, a wonderful concert to let the sound flow thru your head and the living room laying in the sun or whereever.