Super Boat will be going ..

There will be the SooperBoat going again forwards backwards but a little smaller. There is space for our exhibitors and tradevisitors in the morning on three smaller boats, some with coffee, some others with „real“ drinks for the night return trips but the places are limited this time. So if you really need to be sure to have a seat or at least a place on one of the trips, please book a „priority boarding ticket“ from our ticket shop.

Outbound – from Historischer Hafen (Fischerinsel) to FEZ will be going 8:20 in the morning for those who will arrive shortly before ten, at 11:20 for those who will arrive for the „normal opening times shortly after noon and another one at 4:20pm for those who just come to see the evening concerts.

Inbound – back from FEZ to Historischer Hafen (Fischerinsel) will be going 7:20pm for Exhibitors again (tradeshow things close at seven), another one at 9:50pm with a liveset or DJ on board and another one at half past midnight for the remaining partypeople with a well known „DJ“ on board.
Coming from the last two boats you are warmly invited to have another „last drink“ in our aftershow venue the C-Base next to Jannowitzbrücke. On Thursday and on Saturday also the OHM Club will be open for SuperBooth ticket holders with plenty of further live sets and concerts. See you soon?