SuperBooth21 stands fixed!

Especially all „rooms“ of the wonderful Bungalowdorf (also known as Huettendorf) are booked fix now for SUPERBOOTH21 (already!).
An interesting community including Doepfer, E-RM and Vermona confirmed to make this new spot an attractive goal (.. not to talk about a hotspot here and nowadays!) for all visitors of next years spring times highlight probably .. and hopefully for all of us.
So our idea to let you have a smart walk in the park while checking out all news and products for electronic musicians has made a big step further to become concrete.

Please do not miss to see this vision of misusing the place for „just“ sleeping an living made for the SUPERBOOTH19 as it really happened. So, for obvious reasons, this video is not addressing our hygiene concept which we will have in place, but it seems to be perfect to promote the planned use for product exhibitions and presentations and concerts over the days of SUPERBOOTH21 now: