Virtual NAMM this week:

NAMM Believe in Music week is starting on Monday and registration is open now. Get signed up for one of the biggest virtual fairs for musical instruments yet, and then stop by the Alex4 NAMM booth to see news and session videos by Doepfer, Buchla, Neuzeit Instruments, Animal Factory Amplification and many more. As the […]

Life should be so simple:

If you still have good old Doepfer gear, please be aware that it is not that bad as some expensive import hipster things in supersmall with tiny or freaky new features and demo-buttons and plenty of stored functions. Please look at the existing things from good old german engineers as your homegrown, locally (ground-)transported and […]

.. the biggest thing we do?

Probably the biggest thing we do and the reason why musicians and artists keep one or two days while traveling for at least one relaxed afternoon inside SchneidersLaden, Berlin is the possibility to compare products in person! Understanding that this is a kind of pollution (if you can not make it to Berlin for other […]

Ferien und Dann .. all dates:

Berlin hat Schulferien im Herbst, die Sonne scheint noch immer auch in Spanien aber schon bald sind wir alle wieder da und treffen uns Donnerstags abends in SchneidersLaden wie neulich zum Instore-Event oder zum Feierabendgetränk oder zum Workshop für Unwissende ab 18 Uhr? 8.11. mit Lady Starlight, 15.11. Instruo hat abgesagt: Tom K. präsentiert Vermona, […]