UK Synthnerd Meeting tomorrow!

MACHINA BRISTONICA 2023 is the british get together for synth lovers, modular users and DIY freaks happening September, 30st in Bristol, UK. Plenty of attractive brands, artists, promoters and workshops are confirmed to be there, a party will take over the days program with live sets until sundays early morning, sounds like good fun:

Be SOOPER is growing:

Towards the cirumstance that ukrainian refugees should be welcome taking over the Hall in our wonderful venue FEZ-Berlin, we created a new masterplan for this years SuperBooth and SOOPERgrail making it an even bigger and better festival, congress and tradeshow with even more space and activities outdoors and in the building. Around twenty performances, concerts, […]

Sind wir sprachlos?

Ich  bin bestürzt ob dessen was in der Welt passiert und ob all der Schicksale, die auf der Flucht sind vor dem Krieg mit Waffen, den ich zutiefst verabscheue und verurteile. Europa muss anders sein und soll wieder ein Hort der verbalen Auseinandersetzung werden und bleiben. Deutschland und Europa waren hier lange auf einem guten […]

for Tapeloop Workshops action required ..

The Tapeloop Workshop is the first out of plenty of possibilities to learn more about making music with electronics. All (limited) places for this one on Saturday are sold out already. We could agree a second one on Friday and we are still talking about a third one on Wednesday (?), it seems to be […]

.. i am, you are, we are ..

.. i am, you are, we are  .. responsible to get  together! It is time to talk and the SUPERBOOTH21 is ready to welcome YOU on board: Please plan your trips now for one, two, three, four days with either one, two, three, four workshops and/or one, two, three four concerts, ..get your one, two […]

SuperBooth21 stands fixed!

Especially all „rooms“ of the wonderful Bungalowdorf (also known as Huettendorf) are booked fix now for SUPERBOOTH21 (already!). An interesting community including Doepfer, E-RM and Vermona confirmed to make this new spot an attractive goal (.. not to talk about a hotspot here and nowadays!) for all visitors of next years spring times highlight probably […]