Be SOOPER is growing:

Towards the cirumstance that ukrainian refugees should be welcome taking over the Hall in our wonderful venue FEZ-Berlin, we created a new masterplan for this years SuperBooth and SOOPERgrail making it an even bigger and better festival, congress and tradeshow with even more space and activities outdoors and in the building. Around twenty performances, concerts, […]

for Tapeloop Workshops action required ..

The Tapeloop Workshop is the first out of plenty of possibilities to learn more about making music with electronics. All (limited) places for this one on Saturday are sold out already. We could agree a second one on Friday and we are still talking about a third one on Wednesday (?), it seems to be […]

Das eigene Bild zum guten Ton ..

.. macht man sich am besten selbst! Zur kreativen Bildgestaltung gibt es neben den oft eher banalen Videomischern seit einigen Jahren auch eine ständig wachsende Auswahl an Produkten und Modulen die auch unter Einflussnahme von Steuerspannungen Formen und Farben generieren. Wie das so geht, und was das mit einem macht, wenn man das auch in […]

Talking bout next generation..

Gammon – who did the modular workshops for kids on SUPERBOOTH17 – is currently celebrating one event after the other with his „modular synthesizer ensemble“ like the „Tage zeitgemäßer Musik“ where it is absolutely NOT about techno or groovy music btw. .. read more about our engagement for new potentials on Stomkult here. ..