SooperTalk alias „Altherrenabend“ 2017

The very last evening of SuperBooth17 we had a nice talk that we called Altherrenabend, here is the video for you with Moritz R., member of the Neue Deutsche Welle Band „Der Plan“ and a painter who designed some early album covers for Depeche Mode already. His favourite synth was the Korg MS20 brought to us by Christian Günther alias „CG products“ in a very modified version with „golden teeth“. Talking with Daniel Miller who created Mute Records and brought bands like Depeche Mode to success, Daniel is again quite busy currently with his label in the scenery of electronic Music. His favourite synth was an ARP2600 brought to us by Panic Girl who played a gig on this stage same day afterwards. With Jan St. Werner who is one half of Mouse on Mars introducing his favourite synth of the day as found on the superbooth at the Bastl exhibition and brought on stage here. And with HerrSchneider who has realized the Superbooth itself – this was the very last evening 2017 – he is trying his best to moderate in between these personalities with no experience on such, listen yourselves and enjoy some funny moments. Der Plan will definitely play a gig on SUPERBOOTH18 in Berlin May, 3rd til 5th.