This weeks Workshop on Thursday:

On Thursday 31st of October SchneidersLaden welcomes MFB – the drum machine and analog synth specialists from Berlin. The expertise of MFB has long been proven by many many drum machines, modules and complete synthesizers. The Tanzbär 2 for example brings everything to the table that made the MFB drum machines so popular in the past. With powerful analog voices, flexible digital voices and a really capable sequencer the Tanzbär 2 is easily one of the most advanced drum machine in the sub 1000 Euro range.

But there are also several synthesizers – from Keyboard synths like the Dominion 1 to small, portable machines with huge sounds like the Dominion Club, which is a more compact version of the keyboard synthesizer.

We are looking forward to what MFB will bring with them and even more to what they will be doing with their machines. Put on your dancing shoes – this is going to be a fun night with some serious analog beats.

Thursday 31st of October – Halloween – 7:30 pm at SchneidersLaden

All this is new to you? Why not join a Modular Beginner Workshop at SchneidersLaden, it is free of charge and you learn about basic synthesis and all you need to know about modulars. Find out more here.