Tom Oberheim still busy ..

Oberheim_Schneider_NAMM15After it became a bit silent around him and his latest product – the long expected Tom Oberheim two voice – HE  got back to us with becoming more concrete talking about a very few first units to be shipped soon (..or on their way already? ).

We are expecting them in patience with highest respect for the complex work this wonderful gentleman could realize. Thank you in advance, Mister O..

.. btw .. the little book, I gave to (not just) Tom Oberheim on the NAMM show this year (see on pic) is now on sale as long as stock lasts in SchneidersLaden. It was my „businesscard“ introducing a stand with all the experienced europeans from old europe being the source of Eurorack. It was written to remember 20 years of Löten (soldering) that the two pioneers of this business Dieter Doepfer and Bob Williams alias Analogue Systems has worked on it now.