Nun denn, .. Leaving my last and only social media channel at the Elektrocarfabrikant called Twitter now, i had a look to all the files I wrote there and lost plenty of hours of my life again with reading and copy and paste. I swapped a few of them over here (into my personal weblog, now) .. this will be my only personal channel from now on.

I will be reducing myself on real things now, getting the new storefront of SchneidersLaden to Berlin Neukölln until its opening in January and .. getting the winter done with all our staff and friends and family somehow as always and finally .. starting the SuperBooth23 to get back to a good mood again soon:

I just heard and read something from Berthold Brecht who said: Wir müssen Menschen beeinflussen und Veränderungen herbeiführen! This does NOT work on social media, as Uwe Schmidt alias Atom TM stated out on this years SuperBooth already: The Revolution will not be online (but his gig is (clic))!

So lets meet again in Person to talk clearly about the future that always exists on SuperBooth23.